Discovering Daytonabeachs Art Scene: A Tour Through Its Galleries

Discovering Daytonabeachs Art Scene: A Tour Through Its Galleries

Discovering Daytona Beach's Art Scene: A Tour Through Its Galleries

The Hub of Artistry

Daytona Beach is much more than a hot spot for beach revelers. It’s also a hub of artistry and creativity. Across the city, galleries showcase a range of works, from sculptures and paintings to mixed media installations and photography. The galleries in Daytona Beach are a must-visit for travelers who enjoy the arts.

Gallery Tour

Some of the most prominent galleries in Daytona Beach include the well-known Ormond Memorial Art Museum, which houses numerous important works of art. The museum boasts an extensive collection from local artists, both established and emerging. A must-see for art lovers, Ormond Memorial Art Museum is a cultural oasis that’s definitely worth a visit.

Another hotspot to explore is Arts on Granada, a delightful and creative haven where polished wood floors and high ceilings set the tone for an array of smart and contemporary works. This gallery is an essential destination for the visitor wanting to explore and reflect on the more daring and provocative contemporary artwork in Daytona Beach.

Visitors can also check out Ocean Art Gallery, a breathtaking space that features the excellent fine art and photographic pieces continually gaining critical acclaim. Ocean Art Gallery is located in the heart of the city and features artists from around the globe.


Daytona Beach has become an art lover's dream destination. Its abundance of excellent galleries that feature world-class artwork only confirms how much the city is growing in its creative endeavors. Visitors looking to explore the finest artistic talent in Daytona Beach will be spoilt for choice. With an eclectic mix of contemporary talent and classical works, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

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